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We’re here to connect you with people who love what they do, believe in your company’s vision, and belong on your team. Our mission is to help companies hire the best and the brightest.

Our mission is to build tech that can help people solve hiring challenges

It’s been over 16 years, since I started my journey as a staffing entrepreneur, and I must admit that I have had the good fortune of being involved in the hiring of thousands of professionals across Geographies. With the changing demographics of the job seeker community, the old ways of hiring are taking the back seat. Technology-enabled/driven recruitment is the way forward. AI and Analytics are taking recruiting to a different plane altogether. My goal is to build a Recruiting system which uses cutting edge technology to help recruiters hire the best talent.

Core Team Members

Shoba Subramanian

Director, US Operations

Sandhya Sriraam

VP Delivery

Sivasankari Panneer

Delivery Partner

Subha Pradha Karthik

Delivery Partner

Sandhiya Manoharan

Delivery Manager

Kamali C

Delivery Manager

Anuradha J

Delivery Manager

Founded in 2012 by Deepak Subramanian
Offices in Chennai and New Jersey
20 FTEs + 30 Virtual Sourcers
124 Happy Customers
10000 Candidates Onboarded
250 Executive Roles Hired
20 RPO projects executed
Serving companies across APAC, NA, & MEA

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