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We curate top talent using a combination of data science and human intelligence. We will ensure your talent funnel is full.
Startups, Hypergrowth, Enterprise… Companies of all sizes use eHelium to build top-notch teams. From the first dev hire to growing the sales team, We have got you covered. Hire more for less money.

Vetted Talent

Whether you are building out your technology or GTM or finance teams, we have found and vetted talent across the spectrum of skills and experience.

Hire Quality

Hire within a short span. Our talent community members are well connected with us and trust us in their job search process. This brings down the interview drop out and offer drop outs.

Lean On Us

Think of our account managers as part of your teams. We are here to help with job seeker insights and closing that perfect candidate for your open role.

Employer Branding

We help you market your role better, HireSight our internal branding tool is a delight for any candidate looking to get to know his/her prospective employer better.

Looking to hire C-Level Talent?

Frequently Asked Questions

Targeted Approach

We provide a complete search style capacity for our clients on every mandate on which we work. Through carrying out a targeted approach and actively headhunting in the market, we ensure the candidates we attract not only meet the desired criteria for each job role but are also the right cultural fit for our clients.

Focused Delivery

Our knowledge of people and markets supports the development of strong candidate relationships. We do full screening and technical pre- interviews of candidates we are representing. This ensures all candidates are applicable, enthusiastic and clear on the requirements and the right cultural fit for our customers

Effective Results

Ultimately, our function reduces direct hiring time and costs, by bringing the right level of trust we build with our clients and candidates that has resulted in both sides by frequently returning to us in the form of repeat business and referrals

eHelium has multiple pricing options to suit your needs. Choose a plan that works best for your hiring needs.

We build deep relationships with the candidate and ensure they trust us as their talent advisors. We present each opportunity to the candidate with utmost care and diligence. We understand their career interest and present only opportunities that excites them.

The key to running a successful business begins with hiring exceptional talent. eHelium offer the most efficient and transperant way to scale your team. We’ve developed machine learning models that track real-time data, monitor trends, and predict hiring behaviour in order to effectively place candidates with more accuracy, speed, and compatibility.

Refer business

Do you know someone who is looking to hire? Do refer them to us and get that good intention acknowledged.

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