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Over 100 companies across multiple industries trust eHelium for hiring and scaling their teams.When you make up your mind to look out, we have got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to help you find a job you love. Once you’re accepted into the eHelium talent community, we’ll help connect you directly with top companies actively hiring. We are preferred recruitment partner for over 100 companies, which means we have exclusive access to some of the top jobs which you may not find on the other job portals

We use a combination of human judgement and AI to determine who will be part of eHelium's talent community. We do this to ensure we provide maximum value to the job seekers who are part of out talent community. As soon as you create your profile, we analyse your profile data and will approve your profile if we are able to generate exciting leads for you at this time. If not, we are continually re-evaluating the demand on eHelium and will be in touch if positions that are more relevant open up in the future.

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Start-ups, Hypergrowth, Enterprise. Companies of all sizes use eHelium.

Every approved candidate on the eHelium talent communit is assigned a Talent Advocate. This Talent Advisor is your single point of contact throughout your eHelium journey.

The Talent Advisor will help you with

Preparation- Help polish your resume, which can lead to interviews with employers hiring on our platform.

Guidance - Help you with how to interview, what to prepare for, and ensure the companies you are considering align with your career goals

Salary and Offer Expertise - Talent Advisors know first-hand salary trends in the market. They'll make sure you get the package you deserve.

Support - They'll answer any questions you have along the way.

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